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Leather accessories products shooting…

Leather accessories and costumes are made from leather materials that have been around for a long time and are an integral part of high fashion. As a proof of human resourcefulness and ingenuity, leather material plays an extremely important part in the development of civilization. Photographing leather products always requires complex skills and methods. However, […]

Photoshop Skills

Take photos of handbag products and things to know

Nowadays, photographing handbags for online businesses is a marketing solution that brings many benefits to companies, businesses and accessory stores. Consistently invested images will provide customers with the most intuitive product views, thus stimulating shopping needs and increasing marketing efficiency. Bag photography is becoming increasingly diverse on the market, but how do you get the […]

Camera Testing

Pentax K-5: A gentle charming…

I had the opportunity to trial the Pentax K-5 body with SMC Pentax Lens DA 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 ED AL-(IF) DC WA. But no trial period, but has seen many charms gently, silently from Pentax K-5 it makes me want to become a “fugitive”.   Pentax K-5 is the perfect successor of his predecessor K-7 with […]


The reason why I’m preferred prime lens

Many people would argue that the zoom lenses are handy than fix lens (prime), but except for one couple classics like zoom lens 24-70mm, most of the best lens and is preferred by power users lens now is fix. There are many reasons, but we will go over a few key points in this article […]

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Use the “tilt angle” in portraits

Portrait is one of the difficultly form of photography because it records every contours close to your subject’s face. Thus, the beautiful location, bad points of the model and workmanship, quality camera, artistic intuition of the author are shown all over the picture. In the most general case, typically, the angle when taking portrait photographs […]