Natural Light In Photography: Make the Ordinary, Extraordinary

Lighting can make an ordinary picture become extraordinary! In fact, many photographers say lighting can make or break an image. Natural light is one of my favorite light sources to use. The great thing is, with a little bit of preparation, you can achieve natural light photography inside or outdoors.

Photography Tips | How to use natural light to get beautiful pictures | Lots of tips for natural light photography + tips to capture catchlights.

It doesn’t matter what type of house you have, you can still use window light to improve your images. In fact, I thought I had terrible lighting in my house (I live in a house in the woods with a lot of tree coverage in the fall and winter), but after taking a workshop focused solely on indoor lighting, I realized that there is a lot more light than I thought. I tell you this so you don’t get discouraged that you only have one small window in a room. We can work with that! Natural light photography is still possible for you.

Star by encouraging your subject to play in good light.

There are several ways to do this.

One way is to take a minute to make sure that the activity your kids do is near a window. This may require you to re-arrange your furniture but it will be worth it.

Make the most of the natural light that comes into your home by encouraging your children to play near the windows | Photography Tips For Bloggers

Or you can even re-arrange your children to be near some great windows!

Children playing by a window | Natural Light Photography

My kids have started to do more activities at the living room coffee table and I wanted to capture all the fun on camera. I decided to rotate my table so it was parallel to the big picture window. Now when they are busy playing or working at the table, they are both illuminated by the natural light.

Instead of asking your kids to move, rearrange your furniture so their favorite table is near a window | Photography Tips

Little girl playing backgammon | Natural Light Photography

There is also a spot in my living room where they do a lot of puzzles, make believe, and coloring. They also like to just sit. I made sure to put their favorite rocking chair by the back door so that I have continual natural light on them.

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