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July 9, 2020

Leather accessories and costumes are made from leather materials that have been around for a long time and are an integral part of high fashion. As a proof of human resourcefulness and ingenuity, leather material plays an extremely important part in the development of civilization. Photographing leather products always requires complex skills and methods. However, we can still start with general rules, make small adjustments until we get the desired product image. Join to learn how to handle light and reflections when photographing leather products in the post below!

To get a good picture of leather products, you must first grasp some general methods. A common method for photographing leather products is to use an overhead diffuse light source with an object placed on the table. A second low light source should be placed next to the camera and cách of the product, so a reflector should be placed on the opposite side to reduce deep shadows.

Types of light and its effects on skin products

Bright light

Strong light will be the most intense of all studio lights, emitting from a small light source. This is the light for you to shape the leather product into the frame – when the light will fall straight into the product from the top down, regardless of where your product is located. Typically when photographing leather products, strong bright lights will be placed to diffuse the light from above, which will sometimes make the shadow of the leather product reflect quite clearly on the table and the product will be easily separated. out of background. Without the other supporting light sources, the gloss and reflection of the product would not have been clearly visible on many details.
Soft light

Soft light is light of a lower intensity, emitting from a much larger light source than the product. This light when put into the frame will make the shadow less dark, but it will make many corners of the leather product with blur. A stronger and smaller light moved closer will alleviate this. However, sometimes this will create an unwanted glare. Soft light works to reduce darkness, increase brightness as well as help the lens easily recognize the product to focus on.

Diffused light

Diffused light is a light source that is spread out from a concentrated source and bounced around the environment. This light reduces the glare of strong light and softens harsh shadows. It is a tool to help you have a soft light effect, similar to when the sun is about to turn off on a cloudy day.

Diffused light will help you ensure that you can see the delicate seam of leather products. However, this is just an additional type of light to ensure a certain amount of light and dark density, helping you express the true nature of the light that affects the skin products, helping them to have a certain depth and creating reality.

Combination light

For highly detailed and textured leather products, many photographers have used a mixture of strong light, soft light and diffused light to bring out the delicate lines. This combination is very important in creating beautiful leather product photos with little effort in the logistics process.

Other props needed for a leather product photo

To spread the light evenly and avoid reflecting the surrounding scenery, you can use white backdrops or mirrors or food wrappers on both sides of the product, aligning the light. regular and no reflection on the metal surface (if any) of leather products.

Selecting the context for taking photos of leather products

Choosing a suitable context will make leather products look more prominent and attractive:

– Product photography box: With small sized leather products (accessories, belts, wallets, etc.), photographers use product photo boxes with white background to create their own photo sets. Product box can be integrated with LED lights, ensuring light when shooting, which saves time and effort in setting the scene;

– Fixed backdrop: You should choose a monochrome backdrop to accentuate leather products. Can use a white or light gray background to make photos look more professional, or can use a background that contrasts with the product;

– Placing the product in a real environment: Taking photos of leather products with real people in a real context can make leather products look more expensive and attractive.

Camera settings for leather products

You can adjust the ISO down and the aperture a bit to make the skin image look smoother and more shiny, increasing the ability to receive light of the product. Take advantage of the timer to stabilize the camera and avoid camera shake when you press the button, this will help your images significantly improved.

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