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Photography for interior products

July 9, 2020

Product design plays an important role in giving a beautiful interior photo. However, they are not the complete determinant of the photo’s success. On the other hand, to own a perfect interior photography session, you need to use a few small tricks.

Interior decoration of the room

The decoration of the shooting room will help you completely more convenient during the shooting process. If the interior of the room is beautifully and neatly arranged; You will not have to spend time rearranging them. Meanwhile, the interior photography is also smoother and easier to produce the photos that you like.

More concerned about light

No matter what type of shooting you are taking, the bright light is a very important factor that determines the success of the photo. Interior photography is no exception. For interior photography, light creates accents and forms a warm atmosphere for the photo. – interior photography service Source:
You should make the most and flexible use of light sources such as sunlight, lights or the camera’s flash function to create images that are natural and perfect.

Follow the rule of 1/3

The 1/3 rule is one of the most popular and popular photography rules for getting great photos. With this rule, you can divide a photo frame into 2 vertical lines and 2 horizontal lines so that the photo frame divides into 3 equal parts. Next we put the center of the image on these lines and then shoot that you have yourself a photo that adheres to this rule.

Try out many different shooting locations

For a variety of photo frames, you should change the shooting location flexibly. Photos of your interior will become more attractive and fresh when varied in many angles. You can create an angle of view from above by standing on the steps. Or own in-depth photos of squatting or lying down on the floor when taking pictures. Try taking advantage of many camera angles to give you more photos and more choices of interior photos.

Set the shutter speed of the camera

Camera specifications play an important role in photography. In particular, shutter speed is more concerned by photographers. On some cameras, you are free to change the shutter speed to your liking but not less than 30 seconds. However, for interior photography you should set the shutter speed from 60 to 125 to produce quality photos.

Change camera aperture

In addition to shutter speed, the aperture of the camera also plays an equally important role. Aperture is the main factor determining the depth of a photo. For interior photography, the most appropriate aperture ranges from f2.0 to f4.5

Use a tripod

A handheld camera can be a good choice for you to get quality interior photography. However, to make it easier, the tripod is a fairly simple device that can completely control the shooting process. When using a tripod, image quality will also be more stable and clear.

Take advantage of white balance options

In photography, white is seen as a color that can attract large light. Therefore, when you shoot a white interior, if you do not control the light well, it will easily cause the photo to be bright and blurred. At this time, white balance is the perfect choice for you to overcome this problem. This option helps you to distinguish the white colors in the picture frame and helps to balance them effectively.

Stay away from glass or mirrors

When taking pictures of furniture in the bathroom, or changing room, you should stay away from the glass or mirrors. When taking a picture in the mirror your presence in the image will ruin the interior shot.

Image processing

Once the shooting process is complete, we will come to the final stage of processing the captured image. You can use many specialized photo editing software to be able to create a perfect interior photo.

After reading and writing on, have you “pocketed” yourself the tips for interior photography to be highly effective? If you are having difficulty in interior photography, please contact immediately!

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