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Take photos of handbag products and things to know

July 9, 2020

Nowadays, photographing handbags for online businesses is a marketing solution that brings many benefits to companies, businesses and accessory stores. Consistently invested images will provide customers with the most intuitive product views, thus stimulating shopping needs and increasing marketing efficiency.

Bag photography is becoming increasingly diverse on the market, but how do you get the most impressive and engaging photos to make a difference to many competitors? Please coming up to immediately address the secret to photographing creative handbag accessories!
Puts something in them for the shaping

A beautiful purse, when kept in shape, is not distorted or distorted. Therefore, the first important thing is to put paper and bags in the bag to shape the bag form so that the bag shape looks fit (it should not make it look too big or too empty). To change the appearance of the bag, you can wrap a piece of cardboard with foam packaging to remove hard edges. This is especially good for more flexible materials such as fabric or soft leather. After completing the bag shaping stage, you can start photographing your product. Note how to make the bag look neat and not “glowing” by you!
Note the shape of the strap

One of the main features of many types of bags is the strap. So make sure the bag strap is properly positioned in the frame. You can use fishing lines to help position the bags and keep them in shape when taking photos. The line is translucent and is easy to edit if it is clearly shown in the image.
Avoid low or direct light

As with taking photos of other e-commerce products, lighting is an important part of photography. Direct light, which causes darkness or glare, is an obstacle to creating attractive products. You can choose natural light or studio lighting with a scale setting to choose the most suitable light. You can also use light with strong contours. The trick is to set the lights to the same level as your product. Placing a softer light around the bag will provide a much softer look.
The main angle should be photographed at an angle of about 30 to 90 degrees above the bag. This will create shadow details that emphasize the texture. Remember, however, that heavy structures will require fewer corners than smaller structures. If your bag contains complex details, you need to set the light to a larger angle. At the same time, you need to try to set the light with a reflector and a diffused fill lamp to balance the amount of shadow. Try setting the light using spotlights and diffused fill lights to get a shadow. The trick is to balance the amount of shadow needed to show the entire texture of the bag.

Remove stains from the bags

Make sure there is no dirt on the outside of the bag. You can use a wet cloth to gently wipe the bag. In particular for shiny leather bags and plastic bags, try using a surface cleaner to remove stains. It may be obvious to the naked eye that these spots are difficult to recognize, but under the studio lens, studio lighting will clearly highlight the stains from the bag. Do not be afraid to use gloves to reduce the wiping time of the bag over and over when shooting.
Creative shooting angles

You can move the camera and take many photos from different angles. Take photos of the front, side and back of the bag. Then create and shoot from above. Try the image at a 45-degree angle. You must capture the details of the bag design. Finally, don’t forget to zoom in, showing all the unique materials, textures and features of the bag!
Report brand history

Create creative photographic concepts that match the look and meaning of the bag. For example, the brand handbag you use for parties, work, cosmetic containers, … The selection of props is extremely important. Depending on the sending and use of each bag, you will use the appropriate props.

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