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The common questions for the newbie

November 18, 2016

This is the beginning of my article for one series of basic knowledge about digital cameras use interchangeable lens website. This series goes from extremely basic things until things harder basic too, but it’s just a little harder, so those who already know how to use the camera can next to the part of Advanced Photography topic or the Tips topic for yourcontinue playing.

According to the “hundreds of years” of experience for those who begin to learn photography of mine, there are three questions almost always arises when the camera is about to purchase:

Question one: Is there a camera which take the photos that making the blur background behind someone like some photos of the hot girl?

Answer: No, the translucent rear section is due to lens and shooting, not related to the camera. Camera memory box is simply to record data and produce images out, and effects or color or something, it depends largely on the lens and light.

Question two: Resolution is recorded on the camera body as large as possible, correct?

Answer: No, With camera has a resolution of 12 to 18-megapixel is enough for domestic needs and selfie, even more than enough to print photos to hang in your home. It’s expensive, but larger, more noise and more expensive to buy a memory card hard drive and not to do anything.

Question Three: Can you show me a lens can be used for all subjects from landscapes to portraits. I’m so lazy in the replacement lens.

Answer: It can be versatile lens can capture all kinds, but has versatility is evident that it will be less than dedicated. With the replacement lens is a joy of the lens, if lazy and just photos, the grapefruit should buy super zoom, not least those quality multipurpose lens that for less.

Of course even if the three questions are answered, the grapefruit still do not know how to buy machine. And to avoid the labyrinth of countless genres machinery lenses, the grapefruit should sit down, calmly eating bread and drinking water pads to ask yourself some of the following issues:

A. Buy the machine to do

Asian. Capture family, children, friends. Scene outings, souvenirs, fire dancing, sexy show. Take a selfie shooting FET check-in pen or something.

– The budget of 9-14 million is sufficient for most needs. Operable basic lens, the more compact the better machine. New plant life as well as treatment for these requirements is difficult (night, taking the kids running around, … shredded scrap and clouds clouds), and of course more expensive. But ultimately what we need is to bring photos, but there are a breeze with each other every where, heng.

b. Young fit healthy, want to learn about photography. Played like a hobby in her spare time, playing with big machine guns Assembly term friends. Some carry travel.

– The budget reach 15-20 million is enough. Basic lens and versatile enough spending, but should have one dedicated lenses for your favorite genre (landscapes, still lifes of flowers, portraits, street are the largest category of photography not trip)

C. Profession.

Needless to say many, funding from 10 million towards infinity, the most common is 30 million for beginners. Purchases of more and more knowledge. Can apply 40-40-20 formula, which means that 40% of the body, 40% to 20% for the lens and scratch the card type memory, flash.

Note to the job you really want to do, always buy the best toys in the level of money, never cheap ham. Cheap goods has some pretty good stuff but mostly spending are limited for reliability and features, a third of the pot of money is the same grain.

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